Some interesting ideas about performing arts center design. CLICK HERE

Several people have suggested that the Kimmel Center's construction is very interesting, and it is! CLICK HERE for a link to the details.

CLICK HERE for an article from Nov 10, 2017 Centre Daily Times:


NEWS UPDATE 4/18/2018

Nittany PAC Update.

1. On April 3 we were pleased to meet with members of the Bellefonte Kiwanis where we gave a presentation on our NPAC work and progress and were happy to have many members sign our petition.
2. On April 27 we will give our presentation to the Bellefonte Historical & Cultural Association as well.
3. On Sat. March 31 the members the NPAC Board were able to tour the Lemont Elememtary School facility to assess the possibilities it presents as a community performing arts center.


Feb 22, 2018

1. Good news from CENTRE FOUNDATION -- we have been accepted to receive donations and matching funds from those who donate to us on CENTRE GIVES. Mark your calendar on Tues May 8 and Wed May, 2018 to log on and give, Give, GIVE to NPAC. We'll remind you.

2. We've received permission for non-profit bulk mailing from USPS.

3. I'll be making our presentation to Bellefonte Kiwanis on Tues Apr 3. (Thanks Karen Blair Brand) If you have other groups you'd like me to address I'd be happy to.

4. The Board is hard at work collecting Petitions, working on an ongoing business plan and organizing a team to 1. evaluate our needs and capacity to fulfill them, 2. design a major gift plan and 3. engage with an appropriate architect design concern.


Coming up in CENTER COUNTY:

FUSE Production’s “Merrily We Roll Along”
February 22 – 24, 2018, 7:30 pm - Schwab Auditorium

Nittany Valley Symphony's "MUSIC WITHOUT BORDERS"
March 25, 2018, 4:00 pm - Eisenhower Auditorium

October 23, 2017


On October 20, 2017, the Founding Board of Directors of the Nittany Performing Arts Centre met in the State College Borough Building to organize and to elect its first slate of officers. The Board ratified its Articles of Non-Profit Incorporation and its bylaws and elected the following Officers of the Board:

·         Roberta Strebel, President (Roberta is currently the Exec. Dir. of the Nittany Valley Symphony)

·         Connor Weigand, Vice President (Connor is currently Exec. Dir. of the Performing Arts School of Central Pennsylvania)

·         Tom Penkala, Secretary (Tom is currently Gen. Mgr. of the State College Choral Society)

·         Susan Kroeker, Treasurer (Susan is currently Exec. Dir. of the Pennsylvania Chamber Orchestra)

·         Douglas Meyer, Exec. Dir. (Douglas is Conductor Laureate of the Pennsylvania Chamber Orchestra)

The mission of the Nittany Performing Arts Centre is to create an orchestra/classical music performance hall with optimal acoustical properties and attractive atmosphere and accessibility for audiences in Centre County. The hall will serve as a center for the community's performing arts including dance, theatre, acoustical performances and visual arts as well.

A photo of the Officers is available at

And drawings of the concept for the performance hall is at Concept drawings by Douglas Meyer